Air Conditioner Mould

Mould: Air Conditioner Mould
Place of Origin: Huangyan, China.
Trademark: Kuntai Mould
Mould Weight:6.8 tons
Mould Size:1345mm*990mm*830mm
Number of Cavities:1
Cycle Time:75s
Mould Life : 500,000 shots
Injection: Hot Runner Injection System
Hot Runner: Yudo
Mould Steel:INCORE718   CAVITYCPM40
Mould Base:Liyuan
Mould Components:Jinhong
Injection Machine:Haitian 1000t
Packing: Wooden
Lead Time : 50-75days
After-sales Services: Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in  mould operation.

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